My name is Cameron Loughlin, and I am the President of Helpful Ace Hardware Pro Painters. I was born in Northern California and have lived in California, Oregon and Colorado. I attended University of Colorado at Boulder in 1999 and graduated in 2002, attaining a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I have two sons named Julian and Sean and my wife’s name is Karen. We also have two dogs named Doppler and Radar. My wife owns a wellness practice which has been open since 2016.

After graduating University of Colorado at Boulder in 2002 I moved to California and worked at my dad’s leather belt factory in the assembly and shipping/receiving departments for a few years. The time spent at the factory helped me hone my work ethic and taught me the value of starting the day early while creating a quality product that would be useful for people. It provided me a seed of inspiration to start something entrepreneurial on my own later in life. During this time in my life I also spent time working with special needs children at a local elementary school in a suburb of San Francisco.

As challenging as this job was, I realized the value of helping people and being patient. After deciding to go back to school and obtaining a second degree in Atmospheric Science at San Francisco State in 2009 I became a TV weatherman in Medford Oregon and Karen and I moved to Oregon. It was a real interesting experience getting up to do the news at 3 in the morning, but ultimately it wasn’t where my passion lied. I craved something with more freedom and variety. We had our first son in 2012, and it was at this point that I left the TV business after realizing it was not my future. I was a stay-at-home-dad and used my leather belt connections to start a part-time leather business specializing in accessories such as guitar straps and belts. Learning how to sell guitar straps gave me my first taste of entrepreneurship and it was very satisfying. I would go into music shops with a bag full of straps and learned how to get immediate feedback and improve products.

The learning experience was invaluable in my step towards opening a full-time business. In 2013, our family felt called to return to Colorado and moved to Lakewood. My wife decided she wanted to leave her job in 2015 and it was at in October of that year that Helpful Ace Hardware Pro Painters was born. It has been a wonderful challenge owning a painting business, and it has been a fascinating journey.

When I started this business I only had limited painting experience but I knew I was ready to be a business owner. I felt I brought a unique skill set to the industry from my experience of running a leather business but also using my experience on-camera to build a better painting proposal. Despite the fact that I was not a painter, I felt I had a unique angle on offering a better customer experience due to my diverse work background.

Starting Helpful Ace Hardware Pro Painters didn’t come without some ups and downs and a learning curve but I have been able to lean on my uncle who ran a painting business in California for insight as well as reach out to friends in the industry. We’ve made mistakes, we’ve been confused at times, and we’ve been pushed to our limits, but it has created a company that serves people to the best of our abilities.

In any service related industry there are many variables to consider, but at the end of day we pride ourselves on having a great team of people who love painting and creating a great customer experience. Since opening, we’ve completed over 800 projects in our 6 years of business and have a wide range of experience and knowledge that allows us to service a wide range of clients. We’re grateful for your support!